January 2015

Monthly Update

January 2015

The January newsletter has been online and in post boxes for a few weeks now but there just hasn’t been time to write and send this email.   If you’d like know as soon as the next newsletter is published online, please subscribe to our blog: you’ll receive an email notification whenever we post a new offer or publish a new edition online (we don’t blog, so you won’t get lots of emails!)

If you want to get a little more exercise this year, we’re looking for people to take part in three new classes. If you’re interested in them or have any other ideas for classes, offers or activities HASSRA could offer, please contact me or Phil (addresses below).

Elizabeth Letaief

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News roundup

Please contact me (Elizabeth.letaief@dwp.gsi.gov.uk)  or Phil at the.newsletter@hotmail.co.uk if you’re interested in any of our proposed new classes:

·         A 12 week self-defence course

·         Learning Taekwondo

·         Beginner’s keep fit.

·         STOP PRESS! If you’re caring for an elderly person or someone with special needs and are interested in learning about music therapy and how it might help, please contact me (Elizabeth.letaief@dwp.gsi.gov.uk)

·         Congratulations to Wendy Barker who won £30 in our seasonal photography competition. Send Phil (the.newsletter@hotmail.co.uk) your photos of Winter to be in with a chance of winning next time

·         Well done to Clifford Taylor won £30 in our December Dingbats quiz and Stuart Wiltshire who found our random reindeers, also winning £30.

·         Jackie Waters was the lucky winner of the free aromatherapy massage with Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

·         Find out more about the Dance Club and its members

·         Read our reviews of Transmitting Andy Warhol at the Liverpool Tate and Madness at the Arena

·         There’s still time to reserve a place on our proposed trip to Krakow in September 2015 but you need to do so by the end of January

·         If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget you can claim a refund of 50% (max £10) on a Christmas theatre/show anywhere in Yorkshire

·         Contact Janet.Coy@dwp.gsi.gov.uk if you’d like to help the craft club turning donated yarn into knitted and crocheted items for charity. Or  take some yarn and use it at your leisure. We need more 6” squares!

·         We’re about to launch a whole new range of activity-based refund offers for HASSRA Leeds members. More next month!

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Dates for your diary

This is a list of dates for your diary and may include reference to trips and events that are happening but booking may have closed. If places are available, they will be advertised in the current edition of the newsletter:

·         Fruity Fortnight starts 1st February

·         Wine Tasting, Woodpecker, 5th February from 5pm

·         Wine Club Quiz evening, 20th February

·         Boardgame evening, first floor coffee area 5pm, 24th February

·         Wine Tasting, Madeira and Sherry, 5th March

·         See Dance ‘Til Dawn with Vincent and Flavia, Grand Theatre 31st March

·         Amsterdam 16th to 20th April

·         Walking Club trip to the Lake District, 15th to 18th May (book by 31st January)

·         Angling Club trip to Menzies Stourport Manor 18th to 19th June

·         London family Fun Trip, 2nd to 6th August

·         Walking Club trip to Niederau, 29th August

·         Trip to Krakow, 15th September (book by 31st January)

·         Istanbul, 21st January 2016

Want to find out more?

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Regular events

·         Abs Blast classes, the Forum, Wednesdays at 12:25

·         Craft club meets on Wednesdays at 12:00. Contact Janet.coy@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

·         Christian Fellowship, Wednesdays at 12:15, contact alex.joiner@dh.gsi.gov.uk

·         Darts practice, Woodpecker, 12:30 Wednesdays. Contact Ian.Gibson@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

·         Choir meets in the Woodpecker Bar on Thursdays at 13:00, contact Elainearnott29@gmail.com

·         HASSRA Harriers meet for a run on Thursdays at 12:15

·         Guitar Lessons, Thursdays 12:00 and 13:00, contact the.newsletter@hotmail.co.uk or talk to Phil at the Forum

·         Ballroom and Latin lessons, Sports Hall, Fridays at 13:00. Contact Neil.Parkinson@nhs.net

·         Wine Club meets at 17:00 in the Woodpecker (various dates and contacts- see programme)

·         Forum Classes

·         The Book People (Woodpecker Bar) every month

Want to find out more?

HASSRA Leeds newsletter|    booking forms and terms and conditions

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Member Benefits and Ticket Offers

Find out more about the following benefits available to HASSRA Leeds members:

·         50% refund on tickets to the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

·         50% cash back on attendance and equipment hire at Climbing and Bouldering events

·         10% off at Fairuz restaurant

·         15% off at the Aagrah

·         £10 off trainers and 10% discount on other goods at Up and Running, Boar Lane

·         Half price initial Wine Club session

·         Cinema Vouchers: Cineworld £5.16, Vue £4.32, Showcase £4.80 (collect on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from Phil at The Forum)

·         Free entrance to Harewood House (contact The Forum)

·         Historic Houses entrance card (contact The Forum)

·         10% discount on Northern Heights Tree Specialists services if you say you’re a HASSRA Leeds member (email info@northernheightstrees.com)

·         Wedding Photography packages from £350 at www.photothentic.co.uk. Say you’re a member of HASSRA Leeds for an extra 25% discount (limited availability)

·         10% off plant orders from North Leeds Garden Design for HASSRA Leeds members (www.northleedsgardendesign.co.uk )

·         Up to 80% off treatments at Mod Hair Salons in Leeds contact Hannah.mills@salspa.co.uk or visit www.modsalons.co.uk

·         10% off at Rapidoprint using code HAS814 at checkout at www.rapidoprint.co.uk

·         15% off at Tino’s Italian restaurant, Booth’s Yard, Pudsey by showing your HASSRA membership card

·         10% off at Neal’s Yard in the Victoria Quarter if you say you work here

·         10% off treatments at Phoenix Health and Wellbeing if you say you’re with HASSRA Leeds

·         10% off Forest Holidays (National offer)

Want to find out more?

HASSRA Leeds newsletterbooking forms and terms and conditions

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