Golf Lesson Subsidies – 50%. Maximum £100 p.m.p.y.



– HASSRA Leeds Golf Society
offers private golf lessons, arranged with
a golf professional of your choice.

– We will subsidise your lessons by 50%, up to a maximum of £100 per member per year.

– Most golf clubs offer individual lessons, lessons in pairs and group lessons.

– You must be a Full, Retired or Associate member of HASSRA Leeds and have paid your memberships subscription to the Golf Society to take advantage of this offer.  


– Once you have paid for your lessons and have a receipt, please send it to:
Brendan French, Room Zone F, 1S25 Quarry House, Leeds LS2 7UA.


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One response to “Golf Lesson Subsidies – 50%. Maximum £100 p.m.p.y.

  1. HASSRA Membership forms can be found here. You can also get associate membership from the Forum Leisure Centre in Quarry House.