Holiday Cash Giveaway

Win £1000 towards a holiday

With lockdown easing and parts of the UK, Europe and Rest of the World opening up to holiday makers, we thought of no better way to mark this by holding a free to enter members prize draw to win £1000.

We have ten prizes of £1000 each to give away. So how do you enter? The first letter of the answer to the questions below will, when put together, make up a word which you will need to submit on your competition entry.

Clue: The answer is referenced in this advert J

Q1: Which football team has recently been crowned Champions of the Premier League?

Q2: What is the core colour theme of the HASSRA Y&H branding?

Q3: According to Greek Mythology, what was the drink of the Gods?

Q4: ‘Bred Magic’ is an anagram of which English City?

Q5: What is the Capital City of Canada?

Q6: What was the last James Bond movie to star Pierce Brosnan in the title role?

Q7: What is the name of the robot butler in TV’s Red Dwarf?

Q8: Who fought for Scottish Independence and defeated the English Army at Stirling in 1297?

Submit your entry here – https://­www.­smartsurvey.­co.­uk/­s/­ZA36ZQ/. Entries close Sunday 6th September 2020

If you have any queries about the competition please email

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