What Do We Do?

With over 70,000 members, HASSRA is one of the biggest sports and recreational Associations in Europe. Our experience in providing quality events and competitions has arguably made us the premier Departmental Association for Civil Servants.

Regions are supported by the HASSRA Corporate Services (HCS) team who have a variety of roles including management of the HASSRA Lottery, HASSRA Intranet, Editorial Office for HASSRA Headlines, national Membership Benefits, etc

As a HASSRA member you will receive a copy of national HASSRA’s quarterly bulletin HASSRA Headlines which is free to all members and provides news and views about what is going on throughout the organisation. It also often carries competitions for members with some extra special prizes on offer to winners. Trips to the Caribbean, Lapland and the theatre have all featured!

One highlight in the national HASSRA annual calendar is our ‘Special Event’. The very first Special Event was held at Derby Baths, Blackpool in 1963, times have certainly changed since then but the momentum has continued.

Members of HASSRA Leeds also have access to The Newsletter, which has details of trips and events, club activities, competitions and awards, and local member benefits. As well as offering special trips and events (this year, amongst others we have had trips to Scotland for Burns Night, and Lille for Christmas shopping), HASSRA Leeds also supports 14 single activity clubs that offer a wide variety of supported activities for members to enjoy, from angling to wargaming, rambling to bridge. As well as offering activities in house so to speak, clubs also offer themed trips and other events – so look out for things that might interest you.

HASSRA Leeds also supports the Forum Leisure Centre, which offers activities from swimming to badminton to gym training, for those who seek to get fit or stay fit. The Centre also has an on-site bar that has tasty lunch offers and other snacks.

All this can be yours for 35 pence a week, so if you are not a member why not join us?