Who Are We?

National HASSRA is a nationwide Sports and leisure organisation that was formed in 1935. It provides the opportunity for all staff working for the Departments of Health, Work & Pensions, the Food Standards Agency and their Executive Agencies, including those who have retired and those employed by private contractors working on Departmental business, to take part in a vast array of sporting, recreational and cultural activities from Angling to Scrabble and Badminton to Photography.

HASSRA’s name was an acronym for “Health and Social Security Recreational Association”. Changes to Government Departments over the years have meant that a new acronym using DWP, DH and FSA is near impossible, hence the Association has retained its original name!

HASSRA is closely linked to the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC) Sports and Leisure and work in partnership on initiatives such as workplace fitness centres. HASSRA National teams participate in CSSC events.

The Association has 12 affiliated Regional Associations, which in turn have hundreds of local clubs and societies catering for all tastes and ages across the whole of the UK.

HASSRA Leeds is the largest club in the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Association and is for staff working or affiliated to Quarry House in Leeds. We have more than 2000 members.